Arborvine Landscaping offers comprehensive weed control and fertilization programs tailored to your lawn for the best results! We will start with a meeting to discuss your lawn’s needs and from there we will formulate a customized plan to get your lawn looking its best. We provide standard and organic treatment programs! 


  • Crabgrass Pre Emergent with Fertilizer and Winter Annual Weed Control. This application helps prevent the crabgrass seeds from germinating while quickly greening up the lawn for the spring. (April)
  • Early Spring Fertilizer Application. This application will help with continuing the growth of the grass to give you lawn the desired dark green color! It also gives jump start on controlling clover and dandelions in the lawn. (May)
  • Weed and Feed Application. This application helps to get the roots of your turf strong to help prevent summer damage and continues the control of clover, dandelions and other season weeds. (June)
  • Summer Fertilizer Application. This application will build strong roots for the  heat of the summer and will also help control any breakout areas of crabgrass and nutsedge in the lawn. (July)
  • Late Summer Fertilizer/Early Fall Application. This application will help bring back your lawn from the summer stress and helps build strong roots for the fall while cleaning up any residual summer weeds. (August)
  • Fall Aeration and Over Seeding. This service will help loosen the root system of your turf from a season full of stress, over seeding will improve thickness and health of your turf while helping to fill in bare spots. 
  • Late Fall Fertilizer/Winterize Application. This treatment will keep the lawn green longer into the winter while building strong roots for the upcoming season! (October)

We also offer complete lawn renovations and grub control! 

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